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One of the world's toughest, most durable non-stick frying pans ever made and we stand behind that claim with our exceptional lifetime warranty. Meyer Accolade is the first line of high quality cookware proudly manufactured in Canada. Made from 18/10 stainless steel and featuring an impact bonded, encapsulated base for even heat distribution and retention that is safe for all modern kitchens, including induction. Durable, secure riveted handles, no-drip lips and oven and dishwasher safe. Meyer Accolade is built to last and we stand behind it with our exceptional lifetime warranty. Includes assist handle for easy lifting. This versatile pan is the one you'll reach for everyday to cook anything from bacon & eggs, to meats and fish to pancakes or any delicate sticky foods that require some extra help to slide right off the pan. PFOA Free. W33cm x H5.5cm.

-Thick Gauge 18/10 Stainless Steel provides maximum durability for years of use.

-Fully Encapsulated Base for fast, and even heat control so food cooks beautifully like it does on cooking shows.

-Induction Compatible and safe for all stovetops including gas, electric, halogen and ceramic.

-Oven Safe so you can go from stovetop, to oven, to table creating the perfect dishes.

-Curved No-Drip Lip only possible with thick stainless steel so food never spills.

-Dual Riveted Cast Stainless Steel Handles that never loosen or fall off. 

-Lifetime Warranty means Meyer is a brand you can trust and rely on.

-Tough, Durable PFOA Free NonStick so you never have to worry about getting in sticky situations or harmful chemicals.  

-Made for Canadians, by Canadians so you can feel confident about the quality of our cookware knowing you're supporting hard working Canadians. 

Customer Reviews

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This is my go-to pan. Great for cooking meals for my large family. I’m thrilled that it hasn’t warped. Love that it’s a Canadian product.



Use this skillet every day. My gas range is powerful, and the pan heats up without warping , and the non-stick coating has stood up to many kinds of sticky sauces.Would highly recommend Meyer Accolade



We have had several disappointing experiences with other “non stick” fry pans but we have been delighted with our Meyer. It heats evenly, is easy to clean, retains its beautiful finish and is great for a variety of recipes. We specifically looked for something made in Canada this time and were so pleased to discover the Meyer brand with its high quality workmanship and durability. Our only regret is we didn’t hear about Meyer earlier.



Best pan for everything. Can be used for a multitude of recipes. Easy to clean and best of all...made in Canada! And lifetime warranty! Love it! I buy Meyer for my kids to have quality pots and pans to move out with. My Mom did the same for my sister and I. I still have my original two pots that are over 30 years old.



Granted, regular price they are pricey, but even at full MSRP these are worth their weight in gold - and boy are they heavy pieces!

Honestly I purchased the 12.5 inch Accolade fry pan on sale after having an awful experience with a 'Made in France' T-F** not to name them outright. I paid the T-F much more than the Meyer and within 2 months the coating of the T_F was already coming off! Trash another 100$.

Meyer was recommended by a friend (before they went with a different name - do your own research and see what pure garbage Canadian Tire has done to that brand.. but thats another story entirely). I have never picked up or worked with a more solid non-stick fry pan. This thing is a beast, and after 6 months of regular use making frittatas, fried eggs, pancakes and crepes there is absolutely zero sign of wear at all. I am careful with these in that i never cook above medium heat (which is plenty once they heat up!) adn always wait until they cool down to wash - which is a breeze, warm water, a little mild dishsoap is all you need.

Cooks evenly, no warping, retains heat, looks great, lifetime warranty and Made in Canada by Canadians... I am spreading the love and word on these as every home in Canada should own these! Great work Meyer! I have already purchased a few more and giving some as gifts - they are impressive and heavy pieces and I have no doubt they will last.