Ikon - 8" Carving Knife

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With a longer and narrower blade than a chef's knife, the WÜSTHOF Ikon 8" Carving Knife features a distinct shape and sharpness designed specifically for expertly carving larger or tougher ingredients — a holiday roast, for example — into clean, even, wafer-thin slices. This carving knife is a versatile companion for carving roasts, fruits, and vegetables alike. Forged from a single piece of specially tempered WÜSTHOF steel, each luxury Ikon knife features a full tang, a distinct double bolster, and final edge work hand-honed by one of WÜSTHOF's expert knife artisans in Solingen, Germany, the international cutlery capital. Ergonomic handles are crafted from sustainably grown, water-resistant African Blackwood, one of the hardest and heaviest woods in the world.